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Public Relations & Social Media

Dell Richards Publicity is a full-service public relations and social media firm that helps get media for clients.

Stories on television, radio, newspapers, magazines and social media give clients credibility and recognition as well as sales for their services, expertise and products.

Contact us today for expert strategy and flawless implementation of your next communications and social media campaign.

Dell Richards Publicity

About Dell Richards Publicity

Because it goes through an editor, reporter or producer, public relations creates the most credible and believable exposure available today.

Building on your marketing, publicity gives you the type of recognition and word-of-mouth that businesses, non-profits, foundations and government agencies usually only hear about, but never receive.

With more than 20 years journalism experience and 10 years working with the media, PR maven Dell Richards knows what print editors, broadcast producers and electronic media moguls want.

An extensive network of associate professionals allows the Sacramento public relations firm Dell Richards Publicity to offer full-service communications, marketing and advertising to clients worldwide.

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Are you getting your message out? Hone your message, get it to the media and out to the public in the most effective way — through public relations. Learn more and follow Dell's PR Blog.

  • "Dell Richards is a rockin’ publicist."

    Kitty O’Neal
  • "I can't thank you enough for introducing me to some of your clients, all of whom I found fascinating and whose stories were well worth telling. I think you're the best public relations person in the business—possibly because you still think like a reporter and know what writers and readers will find interesting." 

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